So I guess I lost interest. How typical of me. I kept thinking about writing. I thought about it most days actually. I just couldn’t find it in me to give a $h*t to write. Don’t worry, it’s not you. I just haven’t seen any reason to write. Who am I writing for? I said I was writing for myself. I guess I need to do that. Life is going pretty well. I really can’t complain. Well, I could. I can always complain. My girlfriend says I get that from my dad. He’s super f***in negative. I can be super negative. I guess I learned it. Who knows. My coaching practice is doing pretty well. I’m making money and that’s always good. It’s better than living in my parents basement.. Humble beginnings that’s for sure.

Excatfish, my dad is doing good. He’s responding to the medication so he’s pretty much doing as well as he was before all of it went down. It’s kind of weird actually. I’m just staying hopeful that the medication will continue to work. Thanks for asking. I hope you’re doing well and sorry I’ve been MIA. I need to keep writing. I know it’s good for me.

Anyhow, that’s all for now. I don’t have any stories for you this time around. Maybe I’ll be back. Maybe not. Stay good people.


Less Clients = Party Time

Life sure is interesting. It’s so unpredictable yet we do what we can to curb the unpredictability of it all – or at least I do. I let go of something today. I let go of caring how many coaching clients I will see this week. It’s slow… this week… so what! And, it hasn’t even been slow overall. I’ve been killing it! This business ebbs and flows. I realized today that I cannot let my moods be determined by the weather. I am not living to work. Life should mean more to me than how my business is doing any given week. I’m scheduling my coaching clients into 3 days this week and planning to do some cool $h*t with my girlfriend. Those are the memories I will remember when I’m old anyway.


My Love/Hate Relationship With Marketing My Coaching BIZ -WORST LIFE COACH

I was watching an interview by the MMA fighter George St. Pierre where he talked about how you need both skill and confidence to make the “magic” happen. I want to say that when it comes to marketing my Life Coaching biz I am pretty skilled.

I went from being a complete loser living and working out of my parent’s basement to living a pretty decent life. If you are an aspiring life coach please don’t let my story inspire you to think you can be a successful Life Coach. I’ve done some pretty shady sh*t to get where I am and I am also a really lucky human.

Anyway, I think my marketing skills are better than most but I lack the confidence it takes to get to the next level. What that means is I’m cheap. I need to make the financial investment for my recent marketing endeavors and stop being a f***ing pu$$y about it.


Please Stop Reading My SH*T -WORST LIFE COACH

I am really writing for only like 5 people. First is myself, to help me with my crazy. The next is for my girlfriend because most of the time she is entertained somehow. Then there’s Ex-catfish, Chanita, Yacoob and TC Campbell (sometimes) who are cool on here too. And of course, I’m sorry if your name wasn’t mentioned. Some of you are newer friends and some of you only come around once in a while. Anyway, I just want to tell you it may not be a great idea to follow me. I talk about some um well, creepy sh*t #GRIFTER-LIFE. And, the less people that follow me the better. I’m serious… stop reading this and click the unfollow button right now. Go away. Unless your name was mentioned above of course or you are one of the new cool people I’ve met. The rest of you… F**** OFF! This is not content that should even be publicized.


The Antagonist In Me Found A Home Here on WP -WORST LIFE COACH

I’m starting to write these posts on my phone at night. It’s relaxing and it feels meaningful that I have a sacred space of sorts to explore my thoughts, behaviors and feelings. There are times on this blog where I feel it is maybe too easy to express the darker and more manipulative or deviant side of my character as a person who happened to find a “decent enough for now” position in the niche field of life coaching. The reality is I have always been quite the antagonist – a sh*t starter. I think a part of me relishes in the ability to “rub people the wrong way” and get away with it.

I can’t be like this in my work or personal life. If I antagonize the world around me my world starts to fall apart – but it’s so much a part of my personality. In this place (blogworld) where I can write freely, I feel very much at ease knowing that a space like this even exists. I can just be me – whoever that is at this ungodly hour that I should be sleeping.


The Con Life is Real -WORST LIFE COACH

I don’t really want to write tonight but I know it’s good for me. Somehow I convinced another Life Coach that I know to lease an office for me. Yea… I’m serious. I am giving him a cut of the money (not much) I am going to make there but he is literally fronting the cost of the monthly expense. And, he’s paying for my parking space in the parking garage which is $200 per month. The problem is, the parking garage might not be available for my coaching clients to use after a certain time in the evening.

If that is the case then I have to pass on this opportunity because my coaching clients love evening appointments. SOB! Why am I wanting to use this office instead of my own? Well, because it’s closer to my house and… it’s practically free. Why is this other Life Coach fronting the cost of an office space for me? — because he’s desperate and hoping to make at least some money out of the deal. Will he make money? Yes. Will he do better than just break even? I have no idea. Will it be great for me? Hell yes.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the parking garage situation will work out in my favor. The office is BEAUTIFUL – and practically free! My day off today with my girlfriend was really nice. We went to a museum and enjoyed just wandering around aimlessly looking at art. It almost was ruined when my girlfriend sprung on me at the last minute that she wanted to go buy a lottery ticket before heading to the museum. I almost lost my sh*t. I hate unexpected change because of my self-diagnosed autism. I was able to snap out of it and we ended up having a really good time. That’s all for now.


I’m Working On Having More Depth -WORST LIFE COACH

Today was a good day. I saw 8 coaching clients and each one felt very meaningful. I booked my coaching clients in a way that I would have Thursday off this week. The plan is to take my girlfriend to a museum. We enjoy art a lot. Art tells a story in a primal soulful way — unless it’s art I created. That would just be a mess.

I have been contemplating the idea of working on my “inner world.” Viktor Frankl’s book, “A Man’s Search for Meaning” is the second book I might actually finish reading in my entire life. The first and only book I’ve ever finished was an autobiography about Michael Jordan. My girlfriend has been encouraging me to read for years and I’m finally doing it. It’s not so bad actually.

My takeaway from my reading tonight is that the only thing I have control of is my attitude towards a given moment. I already knew this but reading this from the perspective of someone who lived through concentration camp life really brought it home. Dr. Frankl referred to it as a spiritual existence or inner world. So even in the face of death we can still choose to accept our fate with dignity and courage. That’s a much better idea than the plan I had in mind that’s for sure.



I am convincing one of my coaching clients to stay in a job that she hates. Why you ask? Because if she quits then she won’t be able to afford to still see me. I know this sounds pretty bad but the reality is… I need her to keep seeing me so I can afford nice things. I just booked a trip for 12 nights in Las Vegas next month. Should I feel bad about this? Maybe… probably. But I don’t. I can’t. I would feel even worse if I couldn’t afford a nice vacation so… there it is. Today was a good day.

I saw 7 coaching clients today and each one went very well. It’s interesting because when I am working with these people I am always thinking… “What can I say to make sure they come back to see me next week?” It’s the nature of the business I guess. It’s like brainwashing in a way. I don’t think many Life Coaches will be this honest. I guess that is the beauty of being anonymous. I can be honest.

At my coaching office, I try to make EVERYTHING as routine as possible – from the method of payment, to the parking, to the temperature in the room. I find that the less unpredictable variables there are the more likely I can create a routine for these people. I think I should stop writing at this point. I am feeling kind of creepy being so honest.


I Am Actually Reading A Book -WORST LIFE COACH

My therapist recommended that I read a book called “A Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. I don’t read… ever. But, I found the book online in a PDF version and I started reading it today. I was glued to it! I read about 35 pages which is more than I have read probably in the last year. It’s definitely the furthest I have gotten in any book probably in my life. I don’t like to read. Anyhow, in this book I am reading about how Viktor Frankl basically lived through the Nazi concentration camp. That’s so f***ed up what the Germans did.

My takeaway so far from the 35 pages or so that I have read is that I am really really lucky to be where I am in life. Of course, there is more that I want to achieve and more that I want to conquer. But wow… at least I am not going through what Mr. Frankl went through. I really have no place to complain about my life even though my therapist would probably say I still need to validate my feelings. My girlfriend would say shut the f*** up and stop being a b****. I think both viewpoints are valid – especially for someone like me.

In other news, I went to the doctor today to do blood work. They are checking me over in case I have any need to be concerned about my health because of my Dad’s recent diagnosis. So far the results I received say that I am healthy as an ox – knock on wood. I have 7 coaching clients tomorrow but I don’t start until about 2pm. I have the best schedule. I am thankful for my life. I need to stop focusing on the negative and be appreciative for what I have. So far, the book I am reading is helping me do just that.


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