I Am In Love People – WORST LIFE COACH

Seriously. I’m in love. I love my girlfriend in a way that feels very profound. I know that there are a lot of other dumbasses out there blogging this exact post. Well guess what b*tches… it’s not the same. Ok, that came across maybe too harsh. There is a lot of love out there I am sure. Think of that old couple in the Notebook. What a f***ed up movie. We all remember the Notebook as some sweet love story. No, that was a really f***ed up and sad movie. The writers were like, let’s see how much we can make people sad… as sad as possible. Anyway, I love my girlfriend. The point of this post is that I need to get more serious about my GERD. That’s right folks, I have G E R D… ACID REFLUX… I think. What it does is it makes my throat always phlegmy. This isn’t good for work and isn’t good for my throat. My GERD acted up a lot today. I had a lot of salsa from El Pollo Loco. That place is the best. But I ate like 6 containers of their salsa and that is not GERD friendly. I need to take better care of myself. Maybe I need to stop using POT. That’s a tough one. It isn’t great for GERD either.



One of my clients decided to stop working with me after 4 or 5 sessions. Why you ask? Because he’s a f***ing loser. He came to me completely doubting his ability to be anything but a loser. I kept working with him on it and every time I saw him he had this defeated p***ka$$ weak AF demeanor. It was almost like he was trying to say F*** YOU to me by continuing to be such a loser. Why won’t he ever become anything more than a stress ball of horse $hit? Because he’s feeding off the fact that he’s a loser and no one can help him. It’s almost like he wants to make other people (coaches) feel bad about themselves because they can’t help him when it’s really him who is doing this passive aggressive bull $hit to stay f***ed up. Good luck with that dude. You’re a peace of $hit and any coach that works with you in the future better also be a f***ing loser. It’s almost like you were repulsed by me because I’m actually a winner. F*** YOU TARDO. Keep sitting at the loser kids table. You’re not welcome over here.


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