Studying, Living, And Back To Work – WORST LIFE COACH

I’ve been studying really hard for my coaching certification exam. I am already a life coach but this specific certificate will set me above the rest. I study super late, usually between 12am and 3am. My girlfriend has to go to bed my herself until after my exam. Poor thing. I am super tired and it’s 12 minutes until 3am. I’m going to start getting ready for bed. Life has been good. I need to be less f***ing moody. I think it’s been tough because ever since I started studying it has taken a good amount of my attention. Me and my girlfriend aren’t used to me having something ELSE to do. I have enough things that keep me busy normally. I’m back to my coaching office tomorrow. It’s a lighter week which is great because it will give me time to study. And, a lighter week is still 20 coaching clients. I’m happy with it. Let the conistry continue.


6 thoughts on “Studying, Living, And Back To Work – WORST LIFE COACH

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      1. Aw man… I know it must be hard right now… My thoughts are with you. Apart from crapping myself with Diahorrea and throwing up all good lmao

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      2. I know this is hell for you too and it’s hard on you too. Remember you aren’t alone buddy. I’m here anytime you need it buddy

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  1. My feiend’s mom says, “If you’re lucky enough times you can count it as a skill.”
    We should all be lucky enough to live and die by that belief.

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