Should I Lower My Fee For My Coaching Client? – WORST LIFE COACH

I have a client who I was working with for a few months. She got to the point where she flat out couldn’t afford me. I don’t blame her. My coaching fee is a bit high because the demand is high. And, I don’t like to work much so if I’m going to work then I’m going to make it worth it. Anyway, several weeks ago she had to stop working with me. For the past few days I have been thinking about this client. I don’t think she’s better off out there against the world by herself. I know this isn’t really for me to decide. I guess a part of me feels like a parent to my coaching clients. I guess a part of me actually cares about my coaching clients. Surprise surprise… hmm. Usually I write about how it’s just the money that I do it for. Sometimes I think it’s more than that. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about reducing her fee by like… I’m terrible at math but I think it’s 35%. Let me check my calculator… $hit… I don’t even know math well enough to know wtf to put in the calculator to figure it out. Anyway… The pros of lessening her fee is that I still get paid something versus nothing if she doesn’t come at all. Another pro is that she is really easy to work with. Low drama. The only con is that I’m discounting my time. I don’t know what I’ll do. I need to consult with my girlfriend about it. Either way, if I offer her a reduced rate there is no guarantee that she can afford it or would want to do it anyway.


Yeah, so I asked my girlfriend. She said no way. She said, “It makes you look desperate,” “Your not f***ing desperate,” and… “She’s not special… BIZNATCH.” My girlfriend is so honest. So that’s not happening.


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  1. Companies reduce prices for customers like at Christmas and so on so to considering dropping it for her as a one off customer is a good thing. It shows you are using your empathy side of you which is important from your field too. Just make sure you don’t do it for everyone lol but people become loyal to you when you show loyalty to them. As long as it doesn’t hurt your business.. Why not?

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  2. So, your client has been paying your full fee for a while? Her circumstances have legitimately changed, so she’s not spinning you a yarn? She needs your continued support? If it was me, I’d offer to support her for a lower fee! ‘She’s not special’? Sure she is! All of our clients are special aren’t they?

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    1. None of my clients are special. I am special. That’s why they pay me to hang out with my “specialness” for an hour. And if I were to say they are special it would only be because they are the special kids in the class who give you their lunch money to be their friend. It’s just that we are now adults and I’m still running that game. 😉


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