My Love/Hate Relationship With Marketing My Coaching BIZ -WORST LIFE COACH

I was watching an interview by the MMA fighter George St. Pierre where he talked about how you need both skill and confidence to make the “magic” happen. I want to say that when it comes to marketing my Life Coaching biz I am pretty skilled.

I went from being a complete loser living and working out of my parent’s basement to living a pretty decent life. If you are an aspiring life coach please don’t let my story inspire you to think you can be a successful Life Coach. I’ve done some pretty shady sh*t to get where I am and I am also a really lucky human.

Anyway, I think my marketing skills are better than most but I lack the confidence it takes to get to the next level. What that means is I’m cheap. I need to make the financial investment for my recent marketing endeavors and stop being a f***ing pu$$y about it.



4 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship With Marketing My Coaching BIZ -WORST LIFE COACH

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  1. My mom came to the US with 3 kids and an alcoholic. She invented environmental activism to save money, not to save the world. She is cheap to the point of mental illness. And let’s just say, she is quite comfortably retired.
    GO FOR IT. Even if it’s just to get your girlfriend to slow down on verbally bitch slapping you…Except that’s really funny. Never mind everything I just said. Keep being a pu$$y.

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  2. You know we all look for cheapest deals whatever we are buying. When I ran my own company I made sure I covered cost and had enough money to cover a year without work. The next level of money came into my brand and website. I had a logo designed for a few hundred and website built for the same. It’s the first cheap steps to growth then keywords with Google.. A few hundred there too.. I shit myself everytime I invested money thinking if I was doing the right thing. Looking at your illnesses etc.. Plan it first and ask your girlfriend if it sounds like a Sound investment.. Use her logic bro.. She’s a smart woman..

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