Please Stop Reading My SH*T -WORST LIFE COACH

I am really writing for only like 5 people. First is myself, to help me with my crazy. The next is for my girlfriend because most of the time she is entertained somehow. Then there’s Ex-catfish, Chanita, Yacoob and TC Campbell (sometimes) who are cool on here too. And of course, I’m sorry if your name wasn’t mentioned. Some of you are newer friends and some of you only come around once in a while. Anyway, I just want to tell you it may not be a great idea to follow me. I talk about some um well, creepy sh*t #GRIFTER-LIFE. And, the less people that follow me the better. I’m serious… stop reading this and click the unfollow button right now. Go away. Unless your name was mentioned above of course or you are one of the new cool people I’ve met. The rest of you… F**** OFF! This is not content that should even be publicized.



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