The Con Life is Real -WORST LIFE COACH

I don’t really want to write tonight but I know it’s good for me. Somehow I convinced another Life Coach that I know to lease an office for me. Yea… I’m serious. I am giving him a cut of the money (not much) I am going to make there but he is literally fronting the cost of the monthly expense. And, he’s paying for my parking space in the parking garage which is $200 per month. The problem is, the parking garage might not be available for my coaching clients to use after a certain time in the evening.

If that is the case then I have to pass on this opportunity because my coaching clients love evening appointments. SOB! Why am I wanting to use this office instead of my own? Well, because it’s closer to my house and… it’s practically free. Why is this other Life Coach fronting the cost of an office space for me? — because he’s desperate and hoping to make at least some money out of the deal. Will he make money? Yes. Will he do better than just break even? I have no idea. Will it be great for me? Hell yes.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the parking garage situation will work out in my favor. The office is BEAUTIFUL – and practically free! My day off today with my girlfriend was really nice. We went to a museum and enjoyed just wandering around aimlessly looking at art. It almost was ruined when my girlfriend sprung on me at the last minute that she wanted to go buy a lottery ticket before heading to the museum. I almost lost my sh*t. I hate unexpected change because of my self-diagnosed autism. I was able to snap out of it and we ended up having a really good time. That’s all for now.



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