I’m Working On Having More Depth -WORST LIFE COACH

Today was a good day. I saw 8 coaching clients and each one felt very meaningful. I booked my coaching clients in a way that I would have Thursday off this week. The plan is to take my girlfriend to a museum. We enjoy art a lot. Art tells a story in a primal soulful way — unless it’s art I created. That would just be a mess.

I have been contemplating the idea of working on my “inner world.” Viktor Frankl’s book, “A Man’s Search for Meaning” is the second book I might actually finish reading in my entire life. The first and only book I’ve ever finished was an autobiography about Michael Jordan. My girlfriend has been encouraging me to read for years and I’m finally doing it. It’s not so bad actually.

My takeaway from my reading tonight is that the only thing I have control of is my attitude towards a given moment. I already knew this but reading this from the perspective of someone who lived through concentration camp life really brought it home. Dr. Frankl referred to it as a spiritual existence or inner world. So even in the face of death we can still choose to accept our fate with dignity and courage. That’s a much better idea than the plan I had in mind that’s for sure.



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