My Therapist’s Name is Lisa -WORST LIFE COACH

I went to therapy today and met Lisa. She was very nice. She is probably a good 20 years older than me, which is good. I don’t want another therapist who is my age. I did that once. When she said “totes” in place of the word totally I had to stop seeing her. I’m sorry if totes is a part of your vocabulary – it really shouldn’t be.

So Lisa listened to my life story or at least as much as I could fit into our 50 minute session – which made me feel better. It was nice to be listened to and feel validated by a complete stranger. I can just spew whatever I want in there and her job is to provide me with positive and unbiased feedback. I felt better because of it. I am planning to see her every other week.

In other news, I went home to visit my Mom and Dad. My Dad looks great even though he was just diagnosed with a late stage of “C.” I’m superstitious about saying the word but it rhymes with dancer. In another post I will tell you how I used to be a dancer for Justin Timberlake. That used to be my line when I would hit the party scene. I was so incredibly embarrassing but somehow convinced myself I wasn’t.

Anyway, my girlfriend’s theory, that I agree with is that the “C” will save my Dad from his absolutely self destructive alcohol consumption. If “C” doesn’t kill him then alcohol certainly would have. He’s been sober since the diagnosis. I am happy he stopped the boozing. He didn’t have to stop, but he did. That’s a miracle all by itself.

I have to say, blogging so far has been very positive for me. It helps a lot to reflect. I hope I keep doing it. I also want to tell you, the reader, I appreciate you being here to share in knowing about my journey. I’m not sure where this will go but I realize I am healthier when I write. So, that means it would be good for me to keep writing. I’ll give it my best shot and maybe see you again in another post.


5 thoughts on “My Therapist’s Name is Lisa -WORST LIFE COACH

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  1. Definately keep writing. I enjoy reading your posts, my life can be pretty boring at times and your posts “totes” make me laugh sometimes (sorry I couldn’t resist 😂). Also agree about THAT word….. Its a bit stupid. Have a good one!


  2. I love your blog. And I am very sorry for what your father, you and your family are going through. So here is another “coach” perspective…. how fortunate are you to know your father. How fortunate are you to know him well enough to care so much, and be by his side for this. That is a love that not every child, adult or otherwise, gets to experience. This situation SUCKS in the biggest way… but your relationship… how you present your relationship with your dad and your love for you dad… is what so many wish for… so you got that going for you! And that is precious.

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