I’m Such a Swindler -WORST LIFE COACH

Seriously. I am such a swindler. Well, I wouldn’t say that I do anything illegal per say. That isn’t to say I haven’t done illegal things in the past. Who hasn’t right? No? Yea me either. Anyhow, let me tell you about my current swindle that my girlfriend isn’t too happy about. I discovered a loop hole in a popular online merchant that my girlfriend and I use. Which merchant? I can’t say. What is the loophole? I can’t tell you that either. But, I will tell you the result of the loophole. I do this little trick that basically results in me getting two of whatever I order. It’s worked so far for a pair of boxing gloves, some wireless headphones, a GOPRO video camera, and something else I can’t remember. Today I am working on getting a second massager that I ordered. It cost me more than $130 so it would be awesome to get a second one for free. Fingers crossed. My swindling ways are pretty awesome… I think at least. My girlfriend hates it because I am doing it on her account. But, I am not doing anything illegal, just creepy. The reality is that I am very good at finding loopholes in things. There is another loophole that I am playing with right now that results in me saving over $200 a month in online marketing for my life coaching business. It’s super awesome. I’m not sure why I decided to write about this tonight. I’m not sure why I do a lot of things.


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