I Was Diagnosed ADHD But I Think I’m Autistic -WORST LIFE COACH

When I was a kid, I was diagnosed with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder WITHOUT the hyper part. Now a days I don’t think ADD is even used as a diagnosis. I think they pretty much diagnose everyone with ADHD. Anyhow, the doctors and my parents started giving me drugs. A lot of them. Why? I think it was because I was a f***ing a$$hole and they would give me pretty much anything if it would help me act better. And, legally if the drugs killed me it wouldn’t be my parent’s fault. Well, I survived the drugs. But, it wasn’t great to be diagnosed as ADD. Why you ask? Because, it’s the kind of diagnosis that if you tell someone they will say to you…. “Yeah, that diagnosis is bull sh*t and everyone has that. You’re just lazy.” Well sh*t…

Then why the f*** am I taking over 100mg of some medication that is pretty much a time released nugget of cocaine and you’re not? It’s just not cool in general to tell someone you are diagnosed with something no matter what it is. And then, it’s even more not cool when they basically tell you to f*** off and that you’re just a lazy piece of sh*t. My doctor told me that I don’t have as many neurons that fire or something. He said something about receptors too I think. I just remember that his couch was comfortable. It was black and made of leather. He also was really into road cycling. Ok, so back to my point. People like to say that ADD and ADHD are not real. You know why I think it’s real? Because I will always pay more in health insurance because I have the diagnosis. So it’s at least real to my bank account.

Let’s get back to the reason why I started this post. My girlfriend and I seem to think that maybe I am autistic rather than ADD. But, I have a feeling when I read this post back I will probably feel like I am both.


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