A Lying Teenage A$$hole Who Wanted Attention – WORST LIFE COACH

Well, it’s Friday morning at 1:08am. I have my longest day of coaching clients tomorrow. I think I have 9. That’s a long f***in day. It’s been a really good week so far. I think this week I am at 28 clients. I really could use a vacation and so could my girlfriend. So I have this one coaching client who is in his early teens. If I am honest, he is a little f***ing a$$hole. Let me tell you what he did. Well, let me start with how we met. His mom saw my ad on Google and thought I could help her son transcend LOSER-DOM. Well, here is what I found out when I started working with this little a$$. HE WAS SUICIDAL. WHAT THE F*CK. That is totally out of my scope of coaching practice. I do not deal with that kind of $h*t. I panicked.

I never had anyone who was suicidal before. The first thing I did was tell his Mom. The next thing I did was I went IMMEDIATELY to find a psychology practice in our area and referred his a$$. They ended up locking him up for like 4 days. Here’s what I think though. I don’t think he was really suicidal. Why do I think that? Well, I had a coaching session with his Mom and some of his family. He was laughing that they were all there. I asked him if he was happy that everyone came together to talk about him and he said “Yea… it’s cool.” I’m no shrink but I really think he put on this show for attention. Either way, I am glad he is gone. Please know that I do understand that suicide is no joke. But seriously, this kid was an a$$hole. I swear. I wish you were there. You’d agree.


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  1. Fully agree, the kid used suicide as way to grab attention. Dont get me wrong there are times that it is important, but this kid was clearly just out to manipulate!

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