Hi… So I am not entirely sure where this blog will go. I am not even sure that I will keep writing. I expect that I will start writing, lose interest and completely forget about all of it. That’s the norm. I have really bad ADHD sometimes and I just recently discovered that I might be autistic. My girlfriend says I am high functioning. I took the online test and found out that ya… I’m pretty much autistic.

So about the life coaching part. I am a life coach. I actually surprisingly have clients. No clue how the heck that happened. I have about 20 clients. Some weeks it might even be 30. I do pretty well but it’s just a weird job. I help people see things that are so common sense to me but they can’t see at all. It’s strange. But, it works.

I want to mention that this blog will never in any way be me trying to get you work with me. In fact, I don’t ever want you to know who I am. This blog is going to be about… the other side of the business. The side of the business where well, it’s not impossible to feel like a conman doing this job. And this is the place where I want to anonymously admit to those kinds of feelings.

Not long ago I was standing behind a clerk’s desk trying to help customers find parts to their broken crap. Maybe they had a microwave that had the glass trey inside break. They needed a replacement. AND it was my fault that it broke. Well, the company that I work for… it was the company’s fault but I was the one standing in front of them. I’m sure you know how that one goes.

Then one day, I had enough. I quit. I had just enough savings to buy me some time to think of something. Not a lot of time, but enough. I went to some cheapo school where I could basically get trained a little bit and then call myself a life coach. I set up a website, got my business license in order, and launched my shot in the dark business. My first office was in the downstairs room of my parents house. My parents were super cool about it. They pretty much left me alone. Their house is decently nice so clients didn’t seem to mind that my office was a residential one.

I won’t tell you where but I advertised myself on some websites online and started getting leads. My first lead/client was super freakin awkward. She was a model. Not a model that I would find attractive, but one who would think she was attractive to any man in front of her. Yeah, that’s awkward. I made my first $40 bucks. She came back for a couple months and well… I don’t think she got anything out of it if I’m honest. It was kind of weird for me too. BUT, proof of concept. I got a client!

After that, everything stopped. I got no clients for a long time. I was so extremely stressed. It was the worst. I took that stress and channeled it into more marketing. I found some lucrative ways to get clients online that ended up flooding me with more and more clients. In the course of about a year (maybe more) I was at 15 clients per week. I was making maybe $**** a month. I kept pushing the online marketing. I pushed and I pushed and I got lucky I guess. After another year I had doubled my income. It was weird. It was kind of like I found a niche that I was actually good at. BUT inside, it was all just a big performance, con, show… add your own synonyms here. Another year past and I ended up where I am now. I am nearing the **** a year mark. I don’t think I will make it this year but my girlfriend says to stay positive and stop living fearfully.

I have had a few months where I made $****. I’ve had some months where I made $****. Again, I was just a clerk. I do like my job but honestly… get this, I get paid to hear people talk at me. And then I tell them something encouraging and they go on their way. All I have to do is look nice and they come back. I am glad that they do but it’s such a strange job. AND it’s like I am supposed to have an answer for every question. I don’t mind that part. It plays into my ego/God complex I suppose.

Anyway, this was the rant for the evening. I’m sure there will be more. Or there might not be. Either way. Thanks for reading.

-Worst Life Coach


Add yours

  1. I love your blog.
    However . . .
    Make some time to keep improving your qualifications, and when you do, it will build your own self esteem and then you’ll change this blog title to “BEST LIFE COACH”.

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  2. I think knowing yourself is an important and perhaps the most important step. You cannot do a great job unless you know who you are as a human being. Taking the test and finding out that you are supposedly autistic was a step, but please be careful with that, as I know those test and have done them too, and the way they are laid out, most of us would score autistic. I know I did and I am absolutely not autistic. Now how do I know this?

    I have worked with autistic and other special needs children, teens and adults in the school districts and as a tutor for more years than I can remember, and I can spot an autistic neighbor immediately. Even a highly functioning Asperger’s person can be recognized by their traits.

    Most of the tests online are geared to tell you what you want to hear or believe, like being a genius, your potential for good romantic relationships, etc.

    It is not important whether you are or are not really autistic or not as to whether you can do your job. Your skills should help you to give your clients confidence to do what it is they feel they need to do or what they are lacking. And most of us have some idea that we are not perfect like everyone else is. So you can see just how ludicrous this is. It is important to work with our flaws, whatever they may be. Incorporate them into our being, for we will never change as long as we believe that we will never be “perfect.” Accept it. I love a piece of writing by Jo Coudert, an old time movie actress, in the book, Advice from a Failure. In it she says, “Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never leave nor lose. To the question of your life, you are the only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only solution.” Somewhere I read, “Of all the people you will ever meet or love in your lifetime, there is one person you will wake up with every day for the rest of your life. Marry that person.”

    Thank you kindly. Anne Copeland

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