If you don’t know who *** is, she is a blogger with a large following on WordPress. She has about ****** following her. Very well done! She is a former anorexic or bulimic person who is now… well… let’s just say… creating a huge following for being a recovered anorexic or bulimic person. What a brand! To be honest, I was a bit turned off to see how much she is promoting her products. She promotes what she wears, a book, a journal, podcast versions of her blogs… always promoting. It actually kinda feels exploitive playing off of the ole poor me I was a victim… Can I say that?

BUT, power to you girly! I just got this really uncomfortable feeling when I was browsing her website. I only found her website because she gave me a random like on one of my posts. Now why would you like one of my posts? It felt like I got the like from her so I would notice her and then maybe add a +1 follower to that HUGE following that she already has. Is that how she got so many followers by fishing lonely and mentally unstable souls such as myself?

Here’s more… she is a self-proclaimed Christian and VIRGIN. I’m cool with the Christian part because politically I’m supposed to be. But the VIRGIN THING?… TMI dude. The worst part about her site in my honest and humble opinion that NOBODY asked for is that she has ways where you can donate money (you know, because you want to support the cause of former recovering people)… AND THEN YOU SEE HER TAKING PHOTOS ON HER TRIP TO SPAIN. WHAT THE F*CK? Did these suckers really just fund her trip to Spain and now she’s showing you photo evidence that you are a dumbass who funded her trip? WOW! Well played… well played indeed.


6 thoughts on “My Honest Review of a VERY POPULAR BLOGGER on WORDPRESS🤫 -WORST LIFE COACH

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  1. I so agree with what you wrote here. So many people are using blogging not because they want to share, but they want to get something out of others besides sharing. It is perhaps the new face of conning. Thank you and great post.

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  2. I wonder if we are all guilty of swapping one addiction for another…fame and followers can be a mighty powerful thing…and one could get quite drunk on it !

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