I Did A Coaching Session In A Language I DON’T EVEN SPEAK -WORST LIFE COACH

This actually happened. I was desperate at the time. This must have been a year ago during a really slow time. I’ll say it like this. One of my clients told me about a friend of theirs that really needed some life coaching. The problem was that he only spoke in one language and it wasn’t english. I am not sure why, or how… but I told my client that I could actually speak that language. Remember, I am a master at convincing people of anything so of course, my coaching client believed me. Fast forward, this new client came to my coaching office aka my parent’s downstairs area in their house.

It was a train wreck from the start. He came with his wife who spoke A LITTLE english. This was good and it was not good. I will say it was good because at least I had a translator. It wasn’t good because I was exposed… kind of, which made it even more awkward. I was able to play off A LOT that wow… I am more rusty at “this language” than I had realized. I basically had the wife translate the entire session. At the end, this couple got absolutely nothing but a drop in their bank account funds and probably an awkward and upsetting experience with a life coach in his parent’s basement.

To be honest, I don’t remember much more than that from this story. I just remember it was really freaking awful. I vowed to never say I could speak a language that I actually couldn’t speak. I guess I didn’t get the common sense memo on that one. But hey, I still got paid.


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