The Time I Couldn’t Shake My Client’s Hand… -WORST LIFE COACH

I am just going to jump right into this one. It was flu season… so maybe 6 or 7 months ago. My girlfriend and I were reading about how people were dying everywhere from the FLU virus. We were terrified because we are chickens. We started sanitizing everything… all the time. We got pretty obsessed. Every time I have a client come in I will shake hands. I read somewhere that shaking hands is a good practice in general. BUT… this isn’t the best idea during flu season for obvious reasons. I often will shake hands at the end of the session. It is my way of saying good bye and all of my clients know to expect this.

So one particular week, that was much different from all the others, I started telling my clients at the end of the session that I am ABSTAINING from shaking hands BECAUSE of the flu epidemic that is going on. Well, during one particular session with a long time client of mine, he tells me he is HIV+. Great… So as my anxiety was already high about having to shake hands to the point where I was NOT going to shake hands anymore, now I am stuck with this very interesting dilemma.

Do I not shake his hand and tell him the same thing I told all my previous clients? Or, do I shake his hand and NEVER tell him about the flu thing and let him be the ONLY person I shake hands with every single week because I don’t want him to be offended and think that I just stopped wanting to shake hands with him because he is HIV+. What do you think I did? Shook his hand right? I should have done that. I should have just shook his hand and let him be my special hand shake hiv+ client every week. I didn’t shake his hand and told him my flu story. I haven’t seen or heard from him since that day.

-Worst Life Coach

10 thoughts on “The Time I Couldn’t Shake My Client’s Hand… -WORST LIFE COACH

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      1. I love ur authentic self..i wont shake hands that will lead to further investigation me being a master feeler..


  1. You did right by not shaking hands, as you had flu and the other person had HIV. Individual with HIV have very weak immunity, probability of him contracting flue would be very high and the would have mad him suffer more than others.

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