Why Does Everyone Want To Be A LIFE COACH?? -WORST LIFE COACH

It’s so weird. I see so many life coaches on WordPress. And it seems like they are actually trying to do business on here. If this is you, don’t quit your day job. I was pretty lucky with life coaching. I fell into a niche and that niche is that I am masterful with people. And even still, it can all come crumbling down and I’ll be left with nothing but this blog of me talking big. The reality is that I know nothing about anything. I don’t even read. I actually hate reading. I can write but even that… I am just writing now and then I will get bored and start playing video games again. I guess if you’re looking for something where you can inspire others than life coaching is your gig. But, the problem is that most of you are very unlikable. Sorry, that’s a bit harsh.

But it’s true. And you don’t even know it. The worst part of this is that it isn’t something you can actually change. I’m not trying to be offensive I am trying to be honest. You have to have a certain look. Your cadence in how you talk has to be a certain rhythm. You have to have the ability to sing to them with your words and your timing of the words you deliver must be placed more masterfully than the brush of DaVinci. You have to look good and know what colors look good on you. Most of you will never get this. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something you need to accept. People will NOT come flocking to you. That’s just crazy to think.

People come to me because I am attractive. Let’s face it, looks matter. And it’s absolutely ridiculously stupid. I don’t even think I’m attractive but my girlfriend tells me that I am. It’s not attractive as in, oh you’re so hot… It’s attractive like… you have that “look” that fits the role. If I want to bet on a horse that’s in a race I am going to expect a short little dude riding it not a football player from the NFL. I don’t mean to deter you from coming into the BIZ. Trust me, you all are very entertaining to me. Just please, don’t embarrass yourself by making really silly videos that nobody watches. It just looks desperate and bad. If you really want to help people, find a psychology program. That’s what I would have done. At least they are actually trained. I didn’t get ANY training. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Do what you do.

-Worst Life Coach

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  1. It’s my nature to be of service. My coaching and consulting practice is very unique that i bring more than 1 niche also a plethora of knowledge & wisdom to always encourage & inspire your greatness. I’m so blessed to be transparent & authentic 25/7 in every area of my wellbeing and its so easy to attract all walks of life. I’ve been a coach without even calling me one..by my actions and how i get life changing questions answered that’s been plaguing them all their lives in a matter of minutes…i make you look at that sitatution with rose colored lens..

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  2. I like this post very much. I did the life coach thing, I guess not because I wanted to actually become one, but I guess because I love learning new things. Did the regular and then advanced course, and even though we got to practice with real people who were our “clients.” But in the end, I thought to myself, honestly, how can I try to tell someone else how to be a creative person?

    I am a fiber/mixed media/urban artist, and so I like to make a variety of things. Now my purpose is not to enter exhibits, win awards, or to be famous in any way. I just do what feels right to be expressed at any time, and I am not into using patterns.

    When I was just starting out in my creative journey, I had an idea to make these muslin women’s figures – sort of abstract and standing, and to wrap them in reds. I wanted to find something and put them all standing at different levels as some kind of statement, and I don’t even honestly know what it was. I was excited in my newness to this sort of thing, and so I took my first red woman across the street to a “friend’s” house to show her. She was good in what she did though she always followed patterns she had. Once there, she ripped it apart with how poorly it was wrapped and how I did not sew my muslin figures and stuff them well enough. By the time she was through with me, I went home, put the red woman into a drawer in the bottom and never looked at her again. I never shared anything with that woman again and I never finished the red women.

    Last year just before New Year, I found the red woman and I got her out and looked at her sadly. Then I carried her to the top of my desk on the shelf, and set her up there. I looked carefully and she was so what I had wanted to create. I have kept her up there ever since that time to pay homage to that which was lost in me. I will never likely make another red woman again. Something was murdered that day – soul killers I call them. So please, if you are a life or other type of coach, treat the souls of those you work with gently and respect their need to be acknowledged for who they are, as they are, and what they will become. Allow them that journey on their own that we all need, and allow them to decide that they really want to create. If they do, they will flourish, and if not, they are perhaps not meant to practice art or writing, etc. Thank you so much.

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  3. for me coaching is like singing, if you are not born with a nice voice, you cannot sing. same in coaching, if you don’t have the gift to help people find their own path, you cannot be a coach. you are just born with it and people will sense it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. coaching is my second career, I come from an IT background. I have been doing coaching since 2010 after proper studying with a school of coaching. it is still not my first source of income, yet it will become few years down the road when I switch completely. just need to plan it properly ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Hi, WORST LIFE COACH, you are right I made a mistake in attributing your liking my comment on My PLUMBER was intended for my blog. So, so, sorry for the mistake in acknowledging you. Will be more careful in the future.

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