Last week when I walking to my coaching room with my client, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as he walked behind me. His mannerisms are, odd. He stares at me during his coaching sessions and it is totally creepy. He pays me a lot of money to sit with him every week. We work on things like, me teaching him how he should look when a person says something sad to him. For example, I will tell him, if everyone around you is laughing then what facial response would you show. He will respond with… a confused face. I will have to show him what it is supposed to look like and he will practice. Why doesn’t he get this stuff. I started researching about psychopaths and sociopaths. I stopped researching it after reading one or two things. He pays me well. I’m a gambler. Let’s roll the dice. If he kills me, at least I can say I saw it coming. You are my witness. Thanks for being there.

This client reminds me of another client I had one session with. He told me that he was a rapper and the lyrics he rapped about were real, specifically the drugs and killing people part. I went home and told my girlfriend with an excited expression on my face. “Honey! I’m working with a rapper who has KILLED PEOPLE!!” I was so excited. My girlfriend was pissed and gave me the WTF is wrong with you look. I see that one a lot. She said I can’t work with him because he could be dangerous. In that moment, I got it. When he called the next time I told him that something had come up and I needed to travel very far away for a very long time. I said it more savvily though.

I keep trying to decide whether or not I want to keep writing on this blog. I like it. It’s just a bit too honest. Maybe that’s good.


17 thoughts on “I Think My Client is a PSYCHOPATH… -WORST LIFE COACH

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  1. I don’t think honesty will kill you and it might stretch you and help you grow. I think what you are saying is interesting I just haven’t had time to read much yet.

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    1. Hahah… I don’t think I’m ready to be on a podcast probably pretty much ever. But I appreciate the invite! I’ll keep my fingers crossed about my client, and some pepper spray in my pocket 🙆🏽‍♂️😆


  2. Oh my god. Please don’t stop blogging. You’re freaking hilarious. Do it for humanity. (And he’s probably a psychopath but not a bright one if he hasn’t figured out fake laughing yet. He could be on the autism spectrum. So the good news is that when he murders you, he’ll probably be caught, or if he’s on the spectrum, you can continue your journey as the worst life coach ever because he’ll never get it. Congratulations!! All your dreams can come true)

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    1. Hey Julia, F*CK YOU BIAAATCH. I say what I want when I want if you don’t like it GET OUTTA HURRRR. I wasn’t asking for your analysis or an opinion and I’m deleting all that you wrote but keeping what I am writing so your comment was literally wasted time you will never get back.


      1. so here is what just happened. I saw you responded and left a lot … I mean A LOT of content. I didn’t even read it. While this is entertaining it is a waste of my time. Please come again! I need another laugh 🙂


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